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Are you looking for a fresh new look for your car, truck, boat or motorcycle? Nothing transforms the look and feel of a vehicle like a completely new body color or pattern. Unfortunately painting your vehicle a different color can either devalue your investment or can be very expensive (when done right). Window Tinting has been helping vehicle owners in the Bay Area area to customize their vehicles with professional removable vinyl wraps for 20 years. Vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years and are 100% removable. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver cost effective custom wrap solutions in a timely manner.

Matte black vinyl wraps are the latest trend in the custom car world today. The “flat black” or matte black look was brought to the mainstream by celebrities like Rob Dyrdek (DC clothing line owner and professional skateboarder) who coined the phrase “Murder’d Out” used to describe a series of custom vehicles he owns. Rob is not the only celebrity that favors the menacing matte black look, other social icons like David Beckham, Justin Beiber and now recently Kobe Bryant.

Today it’s easier than ever to convert your vehicle into very own personal “stealth bomber” with AutoTize’s matte black vinyl wrap service. We currently offer a wide range vinyl wrap options to cater to the creative vision you have for your new ride including interior components.

Vehicle Wraps and More
Window Tinting
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window tinting application

Tinting your vehicle’s windows reduces glare and protects you, your passengers and your car’s interior from the sun’s roasting heat and damaging UV rays.

That means a cooler interior, with cooler upholstery, and greater driving comfort. We offer only high quality films installed by experienced technicians. Our films are guaranteed not to fade, bubble, peel or crack for as long as you own your car.

* Deflects up to 70% of the sun’s heat

* Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays

* Reduces glare and eye strain for driver and passengers

* Increases guest comfort

* Largest selection of shades to choose from
Superior scratch resistance

All films are backed by our outstanding reputation for quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Paint Protection Film
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Authorized 3M Installers

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paint protection application

Clear paint protection film technology.
Protection Against:
Stone, bug acid, winter salt, sand, minor impact, road debris, scratches, etc.
Clear Paint Protection Shield for Cars and Trucks

3M, Suntek, Nano-Fusion, FilmBugs, rocks, sand and other various road debris begin attacking your automobile the second it leaves the showroom floor. They chip way through the clear coat and paint, leaving your car helpless against daily driving conditions. Until recently, the only practical solution to these problems were vinyl/leather car bras that offer poor coverage and often cause as much damage as they prevent. Now, let's meet the solution: Clear Film for Cars.

3M & Suntek clear film is noted for its extreme ease of installation, superior clarity, and high gloss. Approved and used by Automotive OEM's, these flexible films provide good resistance to the damaging effects of U.V., while allowing the brilliance of the automotive finish to come through.
Key features:

U.V. inhibitors to resist discoloration and cracking
Precision computer-cut designs
Protects against smudges & abrasions
OEM Approved
Limited warranty